Moov spray pack of 2

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bottle of 35 gm Spray

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Mint Extract (Pudine Ke Phool)

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 Product Use: Moov Spray contains Wintergreen Oil, Mint Extract (Pudine Ke Phool), Eucalyptus Oil, Turpentine Oil (Tarpin ka tel) and Cinnamon Oil as active ingredients.- These ingredients penetrate deep inside to produce warmth that relaxes the muscles and helps to recover fast- These oils are known for their pain relieving properties- An analgesic (or pain relieving) ointment made using 100% ayurvedic ingredients- Fast and long-lasting relief from muscle pain, neck and backache, inflammation etc- Fortified \", Anaboom anti hair fall serum,Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd,1010,1010,bottle of 60 ml Serum,Serum,Anaboom Anti-Hairfall Serum is a synthetically and chemically formulated serum for the weak and unnourished hair. The anti-hairfall serum has been found to be effective in providing strength to the weak hair. It significantly reduces hair fall and provides the essential amino acids to the hair scalp which consequently strengthen the hair follicles. This enhances the hair regrowth and therefore also tremendously increase the volume of the hair. It serves as a strengthener and tonic for the unnourished hair follicles. It is applied on the affected areas and softly massaged with the fingers.Directions of Use:Take serum on palmsRub gently on the affected area of scalp with fingertipsUse about 1-2 ml or as required by individualUse continuously for optimum resultsUse under medical supervision, Moov spray,Reckitt Benckiser,170,170,bottle of 50 gm Spray,Spray,Moov Spray contains Wintergreen Oil