Zerub ointment

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tube of 25 gm Ointment
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Information about Zerub ointment

 Product Use: Zerub ointment is a powerful multi-action topical preparation. It contains Pudina ka phool, Nilgiri ka Tel, Gandhpura Ka Tel, Dalchini Ka Tel, Jaiphal Ka Tel, and Karpoor. These contents are counter irritants that reduce pain and inflammation. Nilgiri tel also strengthens the joint structure. Zerub offers quick relief from occasional pain. It is indicated for occasional pain in joints and for sprains and strains, pain and stiffness in muscles. It is indicated in acute musculo skeletal conditions like sprain strain, leg cramps, stiff neck and frozen shoulder. Directions for use: Zerub should be applied topically and massage gently, 3 to 4 times daily on the affected area. Use under medical supervision.