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 Product Use: Zandu Sudarshan tablet is an Ayurvedic medication with Swertia chirata being the main ingredient. Swertia chirata is a potent antiviral herb which is beneficial in reducing fever. Zandu Sudarshan tablets are indicated for treating fever associated with dyspepsia, anorexia fatigue and Nausea. It boosts immunity to fight against allergens and infections.Benefits of Sudarshan Tablets:Improves immunity build-up.Helps protect the body from common infections like Cold, Body aches etc.Helps recovery from infections and chronic illness.Helps reduce stress & fatigue, act as antioxidant.Boosts immunity to fight against allergens and infections.Preventive and supportive during epidemic of malaria, allergic cough & cold.Directions of use: Recommended dose is1 to 4 tablets thrice a day. Regular use of Sudarshan tablets will help you remain healthy and lead an active life. Use under medical supervision.