Z olive syrup

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Information about Z olive syrup

 Product Use: Z-Olive Syrup contains various herbs like Aloevera, Kutki, Bhringaraja, Biabidang, Giloy, Sirfunka, Pipal, Harar, Bahera, Kalmegh, Sonth, Nagarmotha, Kasni, Makoy, and Bhuiamla. Benefits of key ingredients:Bhringaraja is an herb that cleans the kidneys and can restores the liver natural functions. It also regulates blood pressure levels so the blood will not struggle over time. Giloy is added to regulate blood sugar levels and especially works well for those with diabetes. Pipal in the syrup treats inflammation in many parts around the body. This also has Bahera to reduce the development of bacteria and acids within the body, thus potentially reducing inflammation and the risk for infection. Z-Olive syrup is an Ayurvedic formulation that helps in maintaining functions of various organs, rejuvenating body, and boosting flow of blood. One teaspoon of Z-Olive syrup will prove beneficial, if taken on a regular basis. Use under medical supervision.