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 Product Use: Zzowin Tablet contains Yasthimadhu, Aswagandha, Mandukaparni, Jatamansi, Tagar, and Pippali as active ingredients.- A natural sleep regulator that supports the sleep- wake cycle.- Zzowin Tablet is non- habit forming formulation.- Improves overall quality of lifeKey benefit/ uses of Zzowin Tablet:- Ashwagandha acts as an anxiolytic, adaptogen and brain tonic.- Tagar shows anti- anxiety property which helps to induce sleep & reduces sleep latency.- Yashtimadhu used as a nervine tonic which exhibits nerve soothing action hence helps to relax and reduce anxiety. - Mandukparni shows antioxidant and antidepressant properties - Jatamansi is a stress reliever which helps to reduce oxidative stress- Pippali enhances bioavailability- Zzowin Tablet improves self- esteem and concentrationDirection for use/Dosage:- 2 tablets 1 hour before bedtime for 1 month, followed by 1 tablet before bedtime as a maintained dose or as per physician's adviceIndication: - Sleep disordersStorage instructions:- Store in a cool and dry place- Protect from direct sunlightSafety information:- Not for medicinal use- Do not exceed the daily recommended dose- Keep out of reach of children