4 blud syrup

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bottle of 200 ml Syrup
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Information about 4 blud syrup

 Product Use: 4 Blud Syrup contains Pyrus malus, Boerrhavia diffusa, Withania somnifera, and Glycyrrhiza glabra as main active ingredients. 4 Blud increases RBC count and improves haemoglobin levels, re-energizes a person and brings the sense of wellbeing. Key benefits/uses of 4 Blud Syrup:- Contains natural Iron- Increases RBC count in the blood- Improves haemoglobin levels- Contains rejuvenating herbs which re-energizes the body and brings the sense of wellbeing- Improves the overall blood picture and thus helps in speedy recovery Directions for use/Dosage:- Consume 10 ml of 4 Blud Syrup twice daily or as directed by the physician- Should be used continuously for at least 6-8 weeks to notice improvements Indications:Convalescence, generalised weakness, and anaemia Safety information:- Read the label carefully before use- Do not exceed the recommended dose- Keep out of the reach and sight of children