3m transpore 1527-2, 2 inch x 10 yard

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Information about 3m transpore 1527-2, 2 inch x 10 yard

 Product Use: Product description: 2 inch x 10 yard Clear, porous, plastic hypoallergenic tape, standard roll Uses: - Childhood strabismus (Lazy eye syndrome) and ambylopia - Securing tubing and devices (e.g., catheters, I.V. tubing) - Anchoring bulky dressings - When tape width must be customized Salient features: - Easy, straight, bi-directional tear allows clinician to tailor the tape - Porous for breathability - Easy to handle with gloves - Good adhesive to skin and tubing for secure placement - Transparent for easy monitoring. - Latex-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive patients. - Water-resistant.