Adel asthma care combo (adel 10 + natrum sulphuricum dilution)

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Information about Adel asthma care combo (adel 10 + natrum sulphuricum dilution)

 Product Use: ADEL Asthma Care Combo contains ADEL 10 Deasth Drop and ADEL Natrum Sulphuricum Dilution 30 CH. ADEL 10 Deasth DropADEL 10 Deasth Drop used for bronchial asthma, cardiac asthma, bronchitis, and bronchospasm.Ingredients: Ammi visnaga 4X, Aralia racemosa 4X, Cobaltum nitricum 6X, Dactylopius coccus 4X, Eriodictyon californicum 6X, Grindelia robusta 12X, Lactuca virosa 4X, Phosphorus 12X.Directions for use: 15 to 20 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.ADEL Natrum Sulphuricum Dilution 30 CHADEL Natrum Sulphuricum Dilution 30 CH is used in cases of asthma with symptoms like dyspnoea, rattling in chest, cough with thick ropy, greenish expectoration. Especially used when asthma in children, as a constitutional remedy. Patient complaining every year an attack of asthma in winters.Directions for use: As prescribed by the physician. Use under medical supervision.