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 Product Use: The Swadeshi Vyoshadi Guggul contains Triphala churna, Shudh Gandhak, Shudh Guggul, and Arand oil as active ingredients. - Perfect blend of dietary and medicinal herbs- Helps in reducing cholesterol levelsKey benefits/uses of Swadeshi Vyoshadi Guggul- The Guggul helps in reducing the high cholesterol and lipid levels- It also helps in weight management- Acts as anti inflammatory and anti rheumatic tooDirection for use/Dosage:- As directed by the physicianIndication:- Hyperlipidemia, high Cholesterol levelsStorage instruction:- Store in a cool, dry & dark place- Protect from direct sunlightSafety information:- Read the label carefully before use - Do not exceed the recommended dose- Keep out of the reach and sight of children