Baidyanath balamrit syrup pack of 2

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bottle of 220 ml Syrup

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Information about Baidyanath balamrit syrup pack of 2

 Product Use: Baidyanath Balamrit Syrup contains the goodness of natural ingredients such as Mulethi, Atees, Kakrasringi, Nagarmotha, Anantmool, Vaividang, Haritaki, Ajovain, Vach, and Churnodak. These are nutritive Ayurvedic ingredients that ensure bones and muscles develop properly in children. Owing to natural ingredients, this syrup can also be used for the treatment of indigestion in children. Baidyanath Balamrit Syrup is formulated to keep children healthy and prevent cough and cold from hampering growth. Rich in natural vitamins and calcium, they stimulate appetite, build strong bones and muscles and improve overall growth of children.Direction for use:About 1 to 3mL of Baidyanath syrup is to be used each day with the total varying based on the age of the child. Use under medical supervision.