Baidyanath chyawan-vit sugarfree chyawanprash

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Information about Baidyanath chyawan-vit sugarfree chyawanprash

 Product Use: Baidyanath Chyawan Vit is a sugar-free immunity development product designed for patients suffering from diabetes. The Baidyanath Sugar-free Chyawanprash is formulated using an Ayurvedic formula that contains the goodness of alma, guduchi and other components that improve the body immune response. More than 45 of these Ayurvedic ingredients are included in Baidyanath Chyawan Vit. It is well-tolerated by a majority of people, particularly the ones suffering from diabetes. It improves the body energy stores and restores the body ability to strengthen immune system cells. As a result, regular ailments like colds can be prevented or at least less intense. Direction for use:One teaspoon, which contains 30 calories, should be consumed each day.Use under medical supervision