Baidyanath basant malti ras with gold tablet

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Information about Baidyanath basant malti ras with gold tablet

 Product Use: Baidyanath Basant Malti Ras Tablet contains swarna bhasma, pishti, moti, yasad bhasma, hingul, and marich. These ingredients act as a tonic to boost the overall health and as an alterative to improve vitality and ensure proper body function. Baidyanath Vasant Malti Ras is indicated in phthisis or pulmonary tuberculosis or a similar wasting disease of a progressive nature. It is also beneficial for those suffering from fever, cough, and general weakness. These fever tablets are also useful for women suffering from leucorrhea or excessive whitish vaginal discharge. Direction for use:Consume one to two tablets along with honey.Use under medical supervision.