Baidyanath aloe vera juice

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Information about Baidyanath aloe vera juice

 Product Use: Baidyanath Aloe Vera Juice contains Aloe Vera as major ingridient.Baidyanath Aloe Vera Juice exhibit soothing and healing propertiesKey benefits/ uses of Baidyanath Aloe Vera Juice:- Gets rid of the toxins and unwanted waste of the body and strengthens the digestive system- Relief from indigestion, heartburn, cures constipation and also ulcer- Juice contains vitamins and minerals which boost body energy and it also helps to control body weight- Aloe vera is rich source of anti-oxidants and encourages cell repair and growth- Helps to build the immune system of the body- Anti-inflammatory properties of the juice provide relief from arthritis. Directions of use/Dosage:- 30 ml twice a day. Consume daily within 1 month after opening - Or as directed by physicianIndication:Health supplementStorage instructions:- Store in a cool