Baidyanath arshoghani bati

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Information about Baidyanath arshoghani bati

 Product Use: Baidyanath Arshoghni Bati Tablet is an Ayurvedic medicine which contains Arshoghani Bati, Akik Pishti, Nag Keshar, Phitkari, Amla, Swarngairik, and Bhawna Dravya. These ingredients help in treating both bleeding and non-bleeding piles and are also effective in reducing the size of piles. This in turn prevents them from bleeding. Baidyanath Arshoghani Bati tablet can especially be used in the case where haemorrhoids are serious and disruptive to one life. This may be harmful to people who have either hypertension or diabetes. Direction for use:About one to two tablets are to be used for one to two times every day. They may be taken before or after consuming food. This should be used for about a month time based on a doctor recommendation for using it.Use under medical supervision