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 Product Use: Accumass capsules contain the balanced formulation of the traditionally used finest herbs which help to relieve from the underweight condition. Accumass Ayurvedic weight gainer capsules contain herbs which help to stabilize the hyperactivity of metabolism and to take up more macronutrients in the body, that helps in increasing the bone mass, muscle mass and bone matrix in the body that ultimately increases the body weight. Accumass Ayurvedic weight gain Capsules helps to gain body weight in a natural way. It helps to improve stamina, strength, and weight of the person. Accumass Ayurvedic weight gain capsules contain the balanced amount of 11 herbs, which helps to pacify all doshas in the body. Benefits of Accumass capsules:Accumass weight gain capsules work from the dual perspective of Ayurvedic science and modern science. In which, herbs like Ashwagandha, satawari are used to reducing the hyperactivity of the metabolism-anabolism is a natural process which is required to actively absorbs nutrients from food material and for that purpose high level of energy is required. but if your body's metabolism rate is high then the anabolic rate is reduced and causes less weight gain. For such instances, Accumass weight gain capsules help to reduce the metabolic rate gently and increase the absorption of nutrients in the body. Moreover, the presence of herbs like gokhru, yasthimadhu helps to enhance stamina, strength and muscle mass of the body. Directions of use:Children: 1 capsules twice daily after meal or as directed by the physician. Adults: 2 capsules twice daily after meal or as directed by the physician. Use under medical supervision.