Aringel after bite spray pack of 2

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Information about Aringel after bite spray pack of 2

 Product Use: Aringel After Bite Spray contains tea tree oil as a main ingredient. It is the safest deal for the entire family. It contains no insecticide and pesticides thus making it safe for use. It cures hard, itchy bumps, itching, irritation, swelling, soreness and bleeding caused due to mosquito bites. It also prevents allergic reactions that can sometimes be caused by the bites.Key benefits of Aringel After Bite Spray:It stops irritation.It relives itching.It reduces infection.It is herbal, natural and safe.Non sticky with pleasant fragrance. Useful in case of bites by less dangerous insects like fire ants, fleas and mites or sting from bees, wasps, and hornets.Direction of use:Shake well & spray on the area affected by mosquito bites, cut, wound or burn.Use under medical supervision.